Flat Roof Garden Shed Skillion Roof Garden Shed Gable Roof Garden Shed


2.25m (w) x 0.75m (d) x 1.80m (h)
ZINC $292   COLOUR $393  

3.00m (w) x 0.75m (d) x 1.80m (h)
ZINC $373   COLOUR $526  

3.75m (w) x 1.50m (d) x 1.80m (h)
ZINC $438   COLOUR $599


2.25m (w) x 1.50m (d) x 1.98m (h)
ZINC $365   COLOUR $511


3.00m (w) x 1.50m (d) x 1.80m (h)
ZINC $460   COLOUR $592   

3.00m (w) x 2.25m (d) x 1.80m (h)
ZINC $468   COLOUR $665 

3.00m (w) x 3.00m (d) x 1.80m (h)
ZINC $497   COLOUR $730

So your looking for somewhere cheap and easy to install to house your gardening equipment or the kids toys? Garden Sheds Direct offers a great range of garden sheds that can be delivered to hobart or most of Tasmaia. The sheds come in a range of styles and sizes including gable, flat, skillion and gable truss styles.

Our garden sheds come in 25 colours and are made to meet the Australian strict manufacturing standards (AS/NZS 2728: 1997)